Date of journey: – 6/09/2016

After spending 9 days in Kolkata it was time to go back home and decided to take the duronto express the fastest trains to Mumbai from Kolkata which takes just 26 hrs. of journey time, on 5th of September it was quiet a pleasant day, but as sun set time was nearing the dark clouds covered had covered the sky and it started raining heavily, In matter of time the street of Kolkata were under water, and it had rained whole night i slept around 10 after packing up my bags and completing my work .!Next day i woke up, and saw sunshine after whole night raining. I got fresh and booked my cab for the station from hotel , my hotel wasn’t that far from station it hardly took 15 mins for me to get to the station .after reaching the station i went to the pf:- 22 .! Reached hwh station at 8:00 am. at pf:-22 pune – hwh azad hind was already standing , and later the announcement started in Bengali , and i couldn’t understand what they were telling or informing , it was 8:30 and still no sign of the rake , nor any pf had the train number of hwh duronto , i called up my rail fan friends to know what’s the status of 12262 showing on ntes whether its rescheduled or not , and they informed nothing is showing, one of my friends told , are u sure u didn’t miss the train na , I was like no .! I have been standing on station only , later I went to the enquiry desk and saw the counter fully covered with the crowd as if there something worst have happen but , later they informed that due to water filling in the yard and locomotive shed all the departure would be late . I sat were I could find an empty bench , 1 hour went , 2 hr. went , Dad call came up to know what’s that status about the train bcoz it was 3 hrs. Up and after 3 hrs. You can cancel the ticket of the train if it hasn’t yet started; I said I’ll wait for few hrs. if no then ill return back to the hotel and then book the flight tickets as I was dam tired, it was around 12 pm and the announcement started that 12262 hwh – Mumbai duronto express will leave from pf:-18, so all the passenger went to the pf:-18, I saw only hand full of people only going to pf:-18. And then at 1:20 the rake was shunted by KGP WDM3A 16230R.

When I saw the chart of B3, I was shocked seeing it only 8 people in my coach , and that to 4 people from hwh and 4 from tatanager , after I boarded the train I called you my dad just to inform I had sat in the train ,The train departed at 2:15 pm from hwh , after departing 2 water bottle were given , and as there were few people , TTE came and checked the ticket , after crossing the waterlogged region and passing SRC the lunch was served , later I decided to take a nap as I was dam to tired sitting at station for more than 6 hrs. , later at 16:30 I woke up and saw that train at halted at outer, and with a jerk it started and saw that it was skipping KGP station it was 16:47, later the train pick up the speed and soon soup were served with bread stick, the soup tasted good so I asked the attendant that could I get one more soup, he gave me one more.! the train was hitting mps of 110-112 km/hr. on my gps , train even ot a goods train through the loop line , reached tatanager at 7:30 pm where I meet amit Kumar , a rail fan living in Tata nagar , the train was running with a delay of 6 hr. 30 mins , skipped Rourkela jn at 8:36 pm after that we even ot a train with emd , but couldn’t know which train it was , after that dinner was served and then I was off to sleep , next day morning we reached Nagpur jn at 6:00 am

30263 ajni wap7 was standing at outer , and then a surprise came , RPM wap 7 30354 with the Chennai – NZM duronto arrived at ngp ,

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Written by Udit-Mehta


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