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Top 5 Places for Biryani in Kolkata

Somewhere between Rossogollas and lip-smacking fish preparations, many rich Bengali delicacies go unnoticed. And one such delicacy is the Kolkata Biryani. One can also blame the greater popularity of its southern counterpart – Hyderabadi Biryani, which might have for long prevented the Kolkata Biryani to flourish in all its glory. But Kolkata Biryani is slowly working its way out of the canals of the City of Joy and gaining the due recognition it has long deserved.Food Blogger Kalyan Karmakar in his book The Travelling Belly writes, “The money was scarce. The spices were toned down, and the biryani of Kolkata became more subtle than that of Lucknow and had a lower meat-to-rice ratio. The cooks had a stroke of brilliance. Meat was expensive, so they decided to add potatoes instead to give contrast to the rice.”

So, the next time you’re in Kolkata, besides tasting the Bengali food, make a point to savor Biryani. When in Kolkata, you’ll spot biryani stalls at every corner of the street, but if you wanna savor the best, try these restaurants 

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