Valorant: Riot Games' First FPS Shooter

What is Valorant?

Valorant is an FPS tactical shooter game by Riot Games. After closed beta period, this game finally launched on June 2 officially. In the closed beta period, this game started to attract many players from other FPS games and plant the flag in the gaming world with all the crazy features, Agents, Maps, and many more things. 


After the global launch also the craze of Valorant remains the same as the closed beta period. Two most popular shooter game is Counter-Strike and CS: GO many pro players are investing the efforts and many of them can be built the footprints but from when the news of Valorant came many pro players are shifted to Valorant to make a good future on this game. This game is the first attempt at Riot Games. Already after so many days of official launch lots of changes and updates are made and also as the popularity of Valorant goes on top for server issues and some bugs players had to face some problems, but for Riot players’ satisfaction is more important, so they always tried to solve all the problems with some possible updates and patch updates. As of now Episode 1 is live names as ‘IGNITION’ Act 1.

Agents in Valorant

There are multiple agents in this game who have different capabilities and are different from each other. Each team will consist of 5 different Agents in-game.


  • Abilities:
  • Sky smoke
  • Orbital Strike(ultimate)
  • Stim Beacon(optional)
  • Incendiary (optional)


  • Abilities:
  • Paint Shells
  • Showstopper(ultimate)
  • Boom Bot(optional)
  • Blast Pack(optional)


  • Abilities:
  • Spycam
  • Neural Theft(ultimate)
  • Trapwire(optional)
  • Cyper Cage(optional)


  • Abilities:
  • Tailwind
  • Bladestorm(ultimate)
  • Cloudburst(optional)
  • Updraft(optional)


  • Abilities:
  • Dark Cover
  • From the Shadows(ultimate)
  • Shrouded Step(optional)
  • Paranoia(optional)


  • Abilities:
  • Fault line
  • Rolling Thunder(ultimate)
  • Aftershock(optional)
  • Flashpoint(optional)


  • Abilities:
  • Toxic Screen
  • Viper’s Pit(ultimate)
  • Snake Bite(optional)
  • Poison Cloud(optional)


  • Abilities:
  • Hot hands
  • Run it Back(ultimate)
  • Blaze(optional)
  • Curve wall(optional)


  • Abilities:
  • Healing Orb
  • Resurrection(ultimate)
  • Barrier Orb(optional)
  • Slow Orb(optional)


  • Abilities:
  • Recon Bolt
  • Hunter’s Fury(ultimate)
  • Owl Drone(optional)
  • Shock Bolt(optional)


  • Abilities:
  • Dismiss
  • Empress (ultimate)
  • Leer(optional)
  • Devour(optional)

After the Patch 1.02 Viper can take control of the whole map, Ascent. She has poisonous abilities and with that, she can destroy the players easily.

Maps in Valorant

Valorant is a 5V5 game. There are a total of four maps, each map is different with different tracking, attacking, and defending abilities. Maps are Ascent, Haven, Split, and Bind.



This is a newly added map in Valorant which came with the global launch of Valorant. The theme of this map is totally based on Venice, Italy and with the view of the map, it is clear by the pizza boxes and also the Italian alphabets. This map has a big open area in the middle and also a courtyard is there which makes it different from the other maps. Two sideways and pin locations are there’re two defend the players. Many closable doors are there which helps the players of defending them from the enemies. A main and B main position there is an ultimate pin location.



This is a two-site map and has long narrow corridors. Many ambuscade areas are there with lots of Checkpoints. There is a small access way to get first plant off-site A and site B for the enemies. These checkpoints are calls “Showers” or you can reach to site A from the middle position of the map called “short A” and another one is you can reach to site B from the marketplace window called “hookah”. One-way teleporters are there on this map which makes it unique from other maps in Valorant. Two ultimate orb positions are there in the showers of A bath and one is in the front position of site B.



There are multiple ways to reach a particular bomb position. Both long and shorts are on the map provides different types of gunplay. Obscure vision ability and the smoke ability is really important in Haven. There are three plant sites, site A, site B, and site C. site A can be infiltrated from the underground and L-shaped avenue. Site B can be infiltrated from the garage, window, and courtyard. Site C can be infiltrated from the garage. The best spinning areas in Haven is C long, A tower, A long. Two ultimate orb positions are there in a long and C long.



On the first day of the testing period, this map was added for the first time. This map has a metropolitan setting on far left and right on Split. For rotation, more time is needed and it’s difficult to remove the players in time unless they caught in an unaware situation. There is a dangling rope to catch the enemies. At Mid Vent, B rafters, and A sewer these ropes can be discovered. Here also two ultimate orb locations are there in A main and B main ‘garage’.

Patch 1.02 update

In closed beta period, competitive mode was introduced but in the time of official launch Riot wants to give the opportunity to all the players to understand the gaming features so it was not added then, but with patch 1.02 it comes into the picture. Also, there are several updates on Maps also. The most significant change is with this current patch Valorant gives the players an option to surrender early if they want. Players can opt-out of a match before the completion.

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Written by Sarnav Dutta


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